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Thinking Computing is a collection of courses and information designed to develop computational thinking, programming and other useful digital skills.

Some courses, such as the KS3 Computing course called Chameleon, are written as a series of lessons to be followed or taught in a classroom. Others, such as Python, can be used more easily for reference or personal learning.

All of the courses are being developed and added to regularly so please pop back if you cannot find what you are looking for but for now you can get started by looking through the whole list on the Courses Page.

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Some of the courses have Personal Learning Checklists which can be printed or copied and pasted into a word processor. When you are on the overview page for your chosen course a link to the PLC will be in the menu.

On the PLC there is space for you to RAG rate your understanding of different criteria - Red if you don't have a clue what it is, Amber if you are aware of it but not confident and Green if you are confident you know what you need to know about it. More detail about most of the criteria can be found by clicking on them.

You are strongly encouraged to take a copy of a relevant PLC, put dates in boxes instead of ticking, then update it regularly to show progress you have made and areas you need to revise.

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A new area of the website to check back for is the revision section which is currently under development.

Questions are being added regularly with the goal of providing a way of practising quick fire recall of key facts you might need in your exam. You choose your topic or exam subject and are presented with two random questions. You know how you learn best so choose whether you are going to think the answer in your head or write one in the box before revealing the answer. You can then refresh the page for different questions or click the link at the bottom to get more than two questions at once.

No answers written in the boxes are stored or checked by anyone except you so be honest and do not cheat! Also, the system is designed to help you learn independently and through repetition in short bursts so persevere and and check back regularly, even if you think you know it all!